Baby Bottle Campaign

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The Baby Bottle Campaign has become a wonderful fundraiser for GATE PRC.   All funds support clients in need. 

How It Works:

  • GATE will provide empty baby bottles with instructions inserted into the bottles.  Simply let us know how many bottles are needed and we will deliver them to you.
  • You distribute the bottles within your church/organization.  Be as creative as you like using pack-n-plays, strollers, cribs etc.
  • The bottles can be filled with coins, cash or checks made out to GATE PRC.
  • Encourage all bottles are returned to you full or empty, on or before your return date. 
  • GATE will tally the amount raised and will report back to you so you can communicate to your congregation/organization.

GATE staff and volunteers are available to help and available to speak to your congregation/organization about the campaign.  Please submit the form below or contact us to learn more.

We hope that you will receive joy and satisfaction in knowing that you helped save the lives of unborn children!

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